This application aims at providing event organisers a means at collecting guests' data. This is done in the "Event" tab. The data is collected by filling in the text fields for the  guest's last name, the guest's name, the guest's email, the guest's phone number and the guest's zip code.


This data is organised in an alphabetical order and is editable. There are also two 2 tabs in order to provide a timing and a map preview of the event. This is especially useful for the data collecting personnel in order to provide guests with the useful information with regards to the event. These 2 previews are set up in the "Set Up" tab. The collected data can be sent via mail in a csv file or in a pdf. The csv file can be dropped in numbers/excel and it will be presented in a columned sheet.


In the "Set Up" tab you can choose what you would like to use as a map or timing of the event, these are pictures taken from the image picker. These can be cropped and then reselected. You can also choose an image to be used as a logo, this will be presented in the pdf file as a header for the layout.

In "Set Up" tab you can select an image from your "Image Picker" in order to use it as the timing or the map of your event.


You can then crop your image if you want to in order for it to more accurately fit your needs. Be sure to reselect your saved cropped image for it to be used as your "timing" or "map" reference.

Enter the "Event" tab by hitting "In". Collecting the guests data is done by filling in the text fields for Last Name, Name, eMail, Mobile Phone number and Zipcode. This is done by touching the "+" sign.

You can send the collected data from your event in either a CSV file or in a PDF file by hitting the "Send" tab.

The iPad version should be used in landscape view as it gives an easier access to the keyboard thus allowing greater ease in data collecting.

Should you have any questions or suggestions feel free to drop us a mail.